Hazardous conditions prompt closure of John James Audubon Bridge on LA 10

ST. FRANCISVILLE, LA (WAFB) - Brian Spillman, director of the West Feliciana Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness, announced the closure of the John James Audubon Bridge at LA 10 and US 61 in St. Francisville.

As of Friday night, LA 10 remained the only road blocked off due to the winter weather threat, but Spillman said residents should avoid the roadways unless it is an emergency.

"They should try to get their business done early and if they can get of the roads and stay home that would be great," Spillman said. "It's only going to create hazards for them and possibly for us as well if we have to stop what we're doing and come see about them, so they should do the best that they can to get their business taken care of and stay off the roadways. It's just too hazardous to be out there."

Even though most of the rain moved out of the area Friday afternoon, Spillman said residents are still not out of the woods just yet. He said the potential for power outages will increase overnight as temperatures continue to fall.

"One of the issues that we've been dealing with this week with storms from last Monday is power outages. We just restored power for most of the parish in the last couple of days. Now, we're looking at freezing temperatures. Limbs could break and cause power outages again. We want people to be aware that that could be a possibility and be prepared for it and that's the best thing we can tell them," Spillman added.

Spillman also said his team will continue to monitor the roadways Friday night. He said the temperatures have not fallen quite as quickly as they thought they would, so that is what has kept most of the roads from icing over, but he cautioned as the temperatures continue to dip Friday night into Saturday morning, it is possible that more roads could be closed.

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