APSO deputy saves cat trapped in garage door

APSO deputy saves cat trapped in garage door
(Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB)

ASCENSION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - On Wednesday, December 29, 2016, Deputy Mike Scott responded to a call for assistance of an animal stuck in a garage door at a residence in Autumview neighborhood.

Deputy Mike Scott has 34 years of law enforcement experience for the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office and is retired as a captain over uniform patrol in 2011. After two short years of retirement, he returned back to the sheriff's office as has been a part-time deputy for three years.

Deputy Scott said he was not prepared for what he saw.

"A cat had been stuck between a garage door of a residence and the wall," said Deputy Scott. "Never in all of my years was I prepared to encounter what I saw upon my arrival," he added.

According to Deputy Scott, numerous neighbors and construction workers were already at the residence attempting get the cat out of the garage door.

"The neighbors were very helpful as we cautiously removed the upper frame molding that allowed some space for us to remove the cat," he said. "With a joint effort with neighbors we were able to remove the cat alive."

The homeowner arrived on scene in a panic when he saw neighbors and deputies in his yard, he yelled "Oh my God, Bella."

According to APSO, the homeowner received four feet of water in his residence, and he left earlier that day to get lumber for repairs. During his time away, Bella must have been sleeping on the garage door and he did not notice when he left.

"It's a privilege to be on the streets with these much younger criminal justice professionals," said Deputy Scott. "I like to be able to assist with taking calls like such so that the younger deputies can stay available for criminal complaints and investigations," he added.

Both the homeowner and Deputy Scott checked Bella for injuries, but neither of them could find any injuries.

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