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West Feliciana Schools dismiss early due to winter weather

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The potential for slick roads made for a shorter school day for many schools in the Baton Rouge Metro area. In West Feliciana Parish, students were dismissed before or right after noon.

An 11:37 a.m. dismissal made waking up a little easier for students at West Feliciana High School. “Since it's our second day back after Christmas break I was pretty excited, actually,” student Ruby Roberg said.  

The buses showed up right on time. The students were ready to roll.

Superintendent Hollis Milton said, yesterday afternoon he decided to close West Feliciana public schools early after talking to sheriff's officials about the potential for icy roads. Warning parents sooner than later was also a concern, he said. “If our parents have certainty about when we have school and early dismissal they know the day before they can make that adjustment,” Milton said.

The schools followed their early dismissal schedule. The buses and students were gone in less than ten minutes. Many of them hopeful their extended weekend plans will stick.“We are going to be going to Baton Rouge if the roads are safe and going to see a movie with some of my friends, and I think it's going to be really fun,” Roberg said.

Since those remaining classroom hours were already built into the school calendar, students and staff won't have to worry about spending any extra time at school later. “If they don't have to make it up and they see some snowflakes, we call that win,” Milton said.

Friday’s Girls and Boys basketball games against the Baker Buffalos have been postponed until Saturday. The Girls play at 5 p.m. The Boys game will follow at 6:30 p.m.
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