Flood debris removal in EBR, Ascension set to end

Flood debris removal in EBR, Ascension set to end

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - City-Parish officials of East Baton Rouge say debris removal operations will end on Tuesday, February 7, while officials of Ascension Parish say removal will end on January 20. Both parishes are urging residents to move all remaining flood debris curbside as soon as possible.

Officials with EBR say the Feb.7 deadline correspond to FEMA's deadline for debris removal activities eligible for federal reimbursement, which is 180 after the disaster event.

Residents who live in EBR and still in need of flood debris removal services must move any such debris curbside by Monday, Jan. 16 for crews to collect it as teams make their final progression through these impacted areas.

Once debris is placed curbside, officials are urging residents to report the location of their debris online at http://gis.brla.gov/reportdebris or calling 1-888-721-4372. They say this will help to teams have a record of residents' locations where flood debris still needs to be collected.

If debris is not placed curbside and reported to the City-Parish through the online web form or hotline number by Monday, Jan. 16, there is no guarantee it will be collected during this last phase of the EBR debris removal program.

For more information on debris collected during current and previous phases and to track the progress of the remainder of the debris removal effort, visit http://gis.brla.gov/debris.

Officials in Ascension say a final pass for pick-up  will begin Monday, January 9, and continue through January 20. This will be the last pick up of debris through debris removal contractors in Ascension Parish. They say the final pass will only include addresses that have been entered into the PPDR program.

Ascension Parish Government says they are not authorized to pick up demolished homes through the Debris Removal Program or PPDR Program. Residents who plan to demolish their homes should arrange for removal of the debris through their insurance settlements or by other means.

Effective January 7, the hotline to Tetra Tech for debris related questions will no longer be operational. Additionally, officials say there will no longer be a representative in the Parish Government Complex for debris operations. After this date, any debris related questions should be directed to the Ascension Parish Department of Public Works at 225-450-1013.

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