Reports indicate more store closures at Cortana Mall

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Cortana Mall shoppers say the shopping place does not have enough choices for them to spend their dollars and now, businesses appear to be leaving at a concerning rate.

Just recently, Sears, one of the mall's anchor tenants, announced it is closing. The Baton Rouge Business Report reported Thursday that FootLocker could be leaving as well.

Mall shoppers say they are not surprised by the closures, because the parking lots are bare.

"Former Cortana Mall customers are giving their money away to the competition, Mall of Louisiana," said Ulysses Washington, a Cortana Mall shopper. "They say the selection here is limited."

As a nearby resident, Tanjalla Belvin chooses to bypass Cortana and go across town to shop.

"Maybe if they expanded and get better stores, it would be a success," she said.

She also said it's the closure of other parts of the mall that make her take her business elsewhere.

"It's really dead because so much is closed. Even when you go through certain entrances, a lot of food courts are closed, a lot of stores have gone out of business," Belvin added.

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