HAND IT ON: Best of 2016

Hand It On: Best of 2016

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Amidst all the unrest in 2016, there were bright spots and WAFB featured some of them throughout the year with our Hand It On program.

There were so many inspiring stories in 2016 that it was hard to narrow it down for our look back. Here are highlights from just a few.

Hand It On wished happy 100th birthday to a very active Mildred Bowie in January 2016, as she celebrated with her bowling league at Circle Bowl.

Among other Hand It On nominations in 2016 was Louise Callahan. Her ministry came out of grief over the loss of her son. In his honor, she prepares hot meals and feeds anyone in need every Friday on Scotland Avenue near Scenic Highway in Baton Rouge.

Also last year came the story of good Samaritan Levi Wilson, who stopped and changed a tire for Jenny Smith when no one else would.

And then, Kimberly Sanders nominated Edna Beardon after Ms. Beardon changed Kimberly's life. Ms. Beardon parks her car on Florida Boulevard at Lobdell Boulevard in Baton Rouge every Saturday, rain or shine, and offers prayer and comforting words to all who stop by.

And finally, there was our Person of the Year 2016, Kyra Johnson. In late February 2016, there was what happened to be one of two major weather events to impact our area. A tornado flattened Sagona's Hardware in Paincourtville. Fed Ex driver Kyra Johnson was caught outside during a tornado and rode it out in the elements outside. However, she was more concerned about the folks inside a now destroyed Sagona's Hardware and climbed through the rubble to check on them.

There were so many inspiring stories in 2016. Those were just some of them. And, there will be more to come in 2017 as well.

To nominate someone for WAFB's Hand It On recognition, send an e-mail to HandItOn@wafb.com.

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