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Gonzales elected officials take oath of office, lay out plans for new year

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Tuesday marked Inauguration Day for elected officials in Gonzales.

The mayor, police chief and five city council members all took the oath of office in front of city hall. Gonzales mayor Barney Arceneaux said he still has a lot of work to do as he was sworn in for his third term.

"Eight years seems like a long time but believe me when you've got projects that's in the works sometimes it takes longer than that and I intend to get some things done," Arceneaux said.  

He said his top priority will be to expand highway 30 and tackle other road projects to help ease congestion. The mayor also wants to attract big business to the growing city." Economic development is something big for me,” Arceneaux said. “I want to continue to bring new business into our city as I said earlier and I want to keep our people local."

Five council members also took the oath of office Monday. Four of them, including David Guitreau, Kirk Boudreaux, Harold Stewart and Neal Bourque were reelected to the position but newcomer Tyler Turner said he is thrilled to join the team and excited about what he can bring to the table.

"They are working on the drainage for the city,” Turner said. “They are also working on infrastructure and roads which is greatly needed for our city so just looking forward to working with them and improving our city and moving it forward."

Police Chief Sherman Jackson started his third term Monday after taking the oath of office. He considers the new police station one of his biggest accomplishments but said he is committed to doing more within the community.

"This council, our mayor and myself will sit down and we'll prioritize things whatever we have to do to continue to make the city safe and a better city," Jackson added.

While much of the leadership will remain the same in the new year, Arceneaux said it is a testament to the work his team has been able to provide for the people of Gonzales. "I think they see that we're doing good things and I think they see that we're going to continue to do even better," Arceneaux said.

The first Gonzales council meeting is set for Monday, January 9, 2017.

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