Wife racing against time to get flooded home fixed for husband diagnosed with cancer

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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - For nearly a month, John, 82, & Mary Wheat, 80, have waited to get their keys to the FEMA housing unit that's sitting in their front yard.

"We got five feet of water in our home," said Wheat.

More than four months later, the line on their Riverbend home still stands out. That house has been home to the Wheats for more than 50 years. The couple has been married 60 years. Now, decades of their life are along the street.

In the first week of December, they got some good news, a FEMA housing unit was delivered in their front yard. But since then, no electricity, sewage or water has been set up.

"They promise you the stuff and yes it's sitting on my property but I can't get in it. I don't have a key. It's just sitting there. It has been for almost a month," said Wheat.

Wheat said since the flood, her husband has called FEMA daily but cannot get any answers. "The only thing we could get out of them was it will happen when it happens," said Wheat.

Then, the day after Christmas, her husband was taken to the hospital with some devastating news.

"He has cancer and we were so hoping because we've been living everywhere for the last five months and we really thought when we got this, we could have a place to unpack our clothes because we've been living out of a suitcase," said Wheat.

Wheat said it's lung cancer and doctors told them it's made its way into his brain. She said for 60 years, he's been her rock getting them through the worst of times, including this flood that took everything from them.

The inside of their home has been gutted out, walls are up and painted. There are new doors awaiting installation and their kitchen is half completed. They just need some help finishing up their home as soon as possible.

As she fights with FEMA, all she wants is her husband healthy and able to return to what was once home.

"I just hope he will be able to see it. We've waited so long and then this happened on top of everything else and I just want the house to be finished so he can at least see it," said Wheat.

If anyone would like to help the Wheats, they did lose everything and are starting all over. Specifically, they are in need of help completing the home, towels, sheets, kitchen towels, blinds, appliances, flatware and cookware.

Any donations can be d ropped off at:
ATTN: John & Mary Wheat SVN Commerial Real Estate 6160 Perkins Rd., Suite 200 Baton Rouge, 70808

The family also has a gofundme account set up for the family >>> http://gofundme.com/MaryWheat

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