Vacation burglaries becoming common at LSU student subdivisions

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Beau Pre Subdivision in Baton Rouge is quiet this time of year. Almost all of the residents are students at LSU, and most of them have gone back home for winter vacation.

According to police, two homes on Ducros Drive were broken into, and a car was stolen from a house in nearby Lake Beau Pre. Patrick Benedetto has lived in Beau Pre for two years. He says thieves breaking into cars and homes during vacation time has become common.

"My neighbor, her house has been broken into during the holiday season, and I know that this neighborhood, the majority of people who live here are students and during the holidays and during the summer when people are out of town, it's a target," said Benededtto.

The homeowners association tells WAFB they're trying to crack down on these crimes.

They already have regular police patrols and alarm systems in each home, but they say students need to be more responsible as well. The homeowner's association is telling students is to be more careful with their cars.

If they're going to leave their cars in the subdivision over vacation, they should make sure they're locked or kept in the garage.

"In many cases, the cars aren't locked and their valuables are stolen," said Cindy Bishop, president of the Beau Pre Homeowner's Association. "It's just critically important that if you're not going to be in town, that you leave your alarm system on, that your alarm system is armed, and it contacts police if there is a break in. If you don't leave things in cars, and that your garbage cans are picked up, and your newspaper so that it doesn't look like you're not home."

Despite the crimes, Benedetto isn't too worried.

His home has never been broken into, but he still takes some extra steps to make sure he's safe. "We have an alarm system that we usually arm. But yeah beyond that, we try to leave some lights on, I'm definitely aware of it," Benedetto said.

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