New Year's babies welcomed into the world

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Riley is the first baby born at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge in 2017, and he barely made the mark. "I was actually trying for the last baby of the year," said his mother Jasmine. "But I got the first baby of the new year, yeah."

Riley was born at 12:01 New Year's morning, weighing in at a healthy seven pounds and two ounces. Riley is his Jasmine's second child, she also has a seven-year old boy.

Her home near Prairieville flooded, so she's excited to start a new chapter in 2017, rebuilding her home, while also building a family. "Hopefully this year is a whole lot better," Jasmine said. "Whole lot better yeah. It's starting off good. It's starting off really good."

While some moms are starting their family in 2017, others are building on the ones they already have.

Jessica Gaspard had her twelfth child on New Year's Eve, Grace Anne. Her oldest daughter is 15 years old, and she says once she realized the joys of motherhood, she just couldn't stop. "They just help so much and they're such a team," Gaspard said. "It's amazing, like I've learned so much through them."

Gaspard runs a tight ship at home with her husband Scott. All of the children are home schooled while also playing sports and dancing.

Her advice to new mothers is to take advantage of every second. "It's just a blink, it goes so fast," Gaspard said. "So really like to just cherish every single moment. Like every season, every moment, cause we don't get another today."

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