La. drivers ranked among the worst

(WAFB) - The New Year's holiday weekend has proven to be one of the most dangerous. Louisiana State Police has already issued warnings for drivers to be alert.

A new study ranks Louisiana drivers as some of the worst in the entire country. The study from lists Louisiana tied with Texas. Louisiana ranks in the top 10 worst in five categories, including failure to obey traffic signals, seat belt usage, and drunk driving.

"Texas is the worst in the world man. I'm telling you. When I used to go there, they used to run all over you. Even the old people driving as crazy as the youngsters. I wouldn't go there! I think Louisiana is a little bit worse. Everybody is driving slow in Louisiana. Texas people are all on the road and they're trying to get somewhere," said Robert Swain Jr., a resident.

Last year, Texas was ranked fourth worst in America while Louisiana was ranked as the fifth worst.

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