Neighbors sound off after three arrests made in prostitution bust

Neighbors sound off after three arrests made in prostitution bust

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Neighbors are still in shock, just a little over 24 hours after Baton Rouge Police made three arrests in a prostitution sting at a home on Kimbro Dr.

"It's a scary thing to know that you live in the same neighborhood as something like this and this could happen here," one neighbor said.

"All it takes is somebody making a mistake, feeling like they got cheated, deciding to come back, and get even, and you're in the middle of it," added another neighbor.

Two women who live nearby, but did not want to be identified, say they knew something was going on, but had no idea just how bad things were. They noticed a large number of strange cars pulling into the dead end street for weeks and say despite a lot of traffic on Christmas Eve, the visitors were there for more than just the holidays.

"There were like 15 or 20 minute visits and a lot of cars and when there's that many cars coming and going there's got to be something weird going on," one neighbor said.

Neighbors say they had been noticing a lot of traffic at the house for close to a month and they believe the suspects were using an American flag in the front yard to let their customers know they were in the right place. The plan went wrong though when customers started stopping at the wrong flag and knocking on the wrong door.

"We have an American flag that we fly all the time and I think they were drawn to our house because of that American flag," one resident said. "The morning of Christmas Eve at 4:30 in the morning two guys walked up and knocked on our door and I knew at that point that we had to do something."

Police arrested 20-year-old Yu Bai, 41-year-old Lian Ma, and 36-year-old Yinliu Shi and charged them with prostitution after detectives found condoms, a leger, and more than $800 in their home, as well as a Backpage account advertising a two women special linked to their phone number.

Police have not released much else on the investigation, but neighbors say they will not be surprised if more comes out of the case. "Generally I think drugs and prostitution very often go together, whether they're dealing them or not, so yeah it was pretty scary," a neighbor added.

Neighbors add they are glad the arrests were made and hope the ordeal is behind them.

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