Zachary neighborhoods burglarized over Christmas weekend

ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - In the small neighborhoods along Rollins Road in Zachary, Christmas is usually a quiet, peaceful time for families, but this year, the holidays were interrupted by a string of burglaries.

At least five homes were hit over the holiday weekend. In some instances, it appears the suspects rammed the houses' garage doors with their cars.

"They damaged the door," said Zachary Police Chief David McDavid. "If they had a car in front of the door, they kind of pushed that car into the garage door. We're not sure if they were trying to set off the alarm or gain access to the house to burglarize it."

Investigators are still sorting out how many items were stolen. Some electronics were taken from a few of the homes. Homeowner Chris Ingram's garage door was destroyed, and he's still in disbelief.

"I was very shocked," Ingram said. "We've never had any issues like that in Zachary, particularly in that neighborhood. Matter of fact, I've left our garage door open many times before. Won't be doing that again, but uh, it was a total shock."

Police are less surprised. They say the Christmas season is a prime time for thieves. "Every year, people are gonna' come and they see that people are vulnerable and they come in the areas and start burglarizing houses," McDavid said.

Investigators are looking for two men driving a white Dodge pickup that they believe are involved in at least a few of the crimes. In the meantime, they're asking residents to be extra cautious. Ingram says he already plans on stepping up his security.

"We'll probably get some surveillance, TV surveillance monitors, or some camera monitors," Ingram said.

The Zachary Police Department put out a warning to residents on their Facebook page Tuesday, telling residents to lock their doors, secure their homes, and set their alarms, and to report suspicious activity or vehicles.

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