Tangipahoa Sheriff seeks reimbursement of funds from parish government for jail expenses

Tangipahoa Sheriff seeks reimbursement of funds from parish government for jail expenses

TANGIPAHOA PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards has released a copy of an opinion recently signed by Judge Jeffrey S. Johnson in relation to a lawsuit filed against the Tangipahoa Parish Government seeking reimbursement for hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses incurred by the Sheriff's Office in taking care of prisoners in the parish jail.

While the case has not yet gone to trial, Sheriff Edwards presented a preliminary motion seeking a court ruling for a small portion of the claim, with the hope that the court's ruling on this small portion could lead to serious settlement negotiations for the overall dispute.

Judge Johnson's opinion ruled in favor of Sheriff Edwards and specifically granted the Sheriff's motion for a summary judgement on reimbursing the Sheriff's costs for evidence room shelving and security. In reference to reimbursement for jail expenses, the court decided that since some facts were in dispute, a trial would be required to clarify those facts.

In response to Judge Johnson's opinion, Sheriff Edwards said the following:

We believe Judge Johnson's opinion on the legal issues is entirely correct. That is the basis on which we have billed Parish Government for jail expenses. But my office has been underpaid by more than $1 million by Parish Government in the last two years, and that shortfall has caused significant financial hardship to the Sheriff's Office. We would hope that the Parish Council and Parish President Robby Miller would take note of the Court's ruling and begin a serious dialogue with us in efforts to amicably resolve this dispute, as so many other Parish Governments around the State have done with their Sheriffs, including Livingston Parish to our west and St. Tammany to our east.

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