Baton Rouge women arrested for allegedly stealing almost $1K in merchandise from Macy's

Baton Rouge women arrested for allegedly stealing almost $1K in merchandise from Macy's

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Two Baton Rouge women were arrested Wednesday after stealing nearly $1,000 in merchandise from Macy's on Bluebonnet Blvd.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to the Macy's location in reference to a complaint about theft. A loss prevention member at the store advised the deputy she saw the two women, later identified as Chloe Watts, 22, and Franciska Radius, 21, enter the fragrance department and select two small boxes of perfume from the display counter, then enter a fitting room.

She says once the two women exited the fitting room, she entered it and found two opened and empty perfume packages, which were the ones Watts and Radius had selected. The loss prevention employee then says she witnessed the two women split up and go in opposite directions. She then witnessed Watts enter the jewelry department and select several packages of jewelry from a display. According to the report, Watts again entered a fitting room and exited shortly thereafter with nothing in her hands. The employee says she was unable to locate any of the merchandise in the fitting room and then saw Watts exit the store.

After the two women split up, Radius was observed entering the clothing department, where she selected several items from a sale rack. The loss prevention employee advises she witnessed Radius enter a fitting room and exit with nothing in her hands. After she exited the store, Radius was detained and 12 items were found in her purse that she had allegedly taken from the store. The total value of the stolen items was $413.95.

Radius was then arrested and admitted to stealing the 12 items located in her purse.

The report states 22 items were located in Watts' purse, totaling $775. Watts was then arrested and according to the report, admitted to stealing all 22 items that were located in her purse. According to the report, both women stated they stole the items because they didn't have any money.

Watts is charged with felony theft of goods, while Radius is charged with misdemeanor theft of goods.

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