Livingston Parish President announces grant to aid flood recovery efforts


LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Livingston Parish President Layton Ricks announced a $200,000 gr ant Wednesday from Waste Management that will help flood recovery efforts in Livingston Parish.

Just in time for Christmas, Ricks said the gr ant means help is on the way for some flood victims. "What a great Christmas blessing this is to be able to announce that we're able to do this and provide this for our citizens," he said.

Beginning in January, Livingston Parish residents who were flooded will be able to apply online for gr ant funds donated by Waste Management. The company gave $200,000 to the parish to launch the Livingston Rises Fund and now up to $2,000 per household are up for grabs.

"These funds are strictly to be donated and used for flood victims," Ricks said.

There are currently no restrictions on how applicants can use the money and no priority on who will get the funds first. Ricks said the process will be simple and anyone who flooded is encouraged to apply.

The only requirements are that applicants live in the Livingston Parish and have a financial need due to flooding. Ricks said he hopes more people will get money in their hands faster than through other flood recovery efforts. "It's the process that they have to go through," Ricks said. "It's absolutely ridiculous and it takes forever for it to materialize. Our goal is to try to put some money in the pockets of people as quickly as we can."

Livingston Parish was swamped with roughly 80 percent damage from historic flooding in August. For an area hardest hit, Ricks said $2,000 may not seem like much but he hopes it will help some families in need.

"This won't fix the problems. This won't solve all the problems but it will help I think go a long way," Ricks added.

Ricks, the superintendent of Livingston Parish Schools, the Livingston Parish Sheriff and a representative from Waste Management will monitor the applications and make decisions based on need.

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