Bizarre crash involving deer inspires fire dept. to post message of hope

Bizarre crash involving deer inspires fire dept. to post message of hope

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - Things are only as bad as you believe them to be – that seems to be the moral of a Facebook message posted by the Central Fire Dept.

"If you visit this page you know we always stress being careful as you go through your day," the post begins. "Occasionally, no matter how careful you are, it's your time to have a bad day. Such was the case tonight around 6:15 p.m. [Monday, December 19] in the 13400 block of Joor Rd."

The details that follow almost seem too surreal to be true.

"A south bound vehicle strikes a deer and sends the deer flying through the air and completely through the windshield of a north bound car. All of the deer entered the north bound car except the neck and head and the deer struck both occupants on the front seat.

"Hold on, it gets more unbelievable...

"The north bound car was a 'student driver car' with the student driving," the post continued. "Both occupants in the north bound car were injured, but fortunately no life threatening injuries."

So what's the point of sharing this story on Facebook?

"When you are feeling down because you are having a bad day, you need to say a little prayer because you have no idea just how BAD you day can really get," the post concludes. "This easily could have been a fatal crash. The injured occupants of the north bound car are so very lucky. In all probability, their vehicle will be totaled."

This year has been filled with some of the most outrageous, shocking, and downright terrifying moments. But as this post reminds, it's all about perspective.

"Continuing with this line of thinking, perhaps everyone involved in this crash, in the end, had a very good day!"

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