BRCVPA students participate in 'sky sight' art project

BRCVPA students participate in 'sky sight' art project

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Students at the Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts (BRCVPA) came together to celebrate the arts in Louisiana.

The students, dressed in color-coordinated school t-shirts, were used as 'human paint' drops to recreate a piece of artwork that celebrates Louisiana music and culture. The students used landscaping materials and their own bodies to collectively produce a piece of art that can only be seen in its entirety from above.

The art piece, entitled The Accordion Player, was originally produced by Australian artist, Robert Grieve, in 1955. The image was plotted out on the ground using flag markers and spray paint, then filled in with mulch and sand, and finally the children to complete the living artwork.

The project leader, Daniel Dancer, travels all over the world educating students about environmental responsibility and encourages them to use their "sky sight," which he describes as seeing through the eyes of all beings and through the eyes of future generations.

Organizers say the students were able to see how each individual can come together as one to create something amazing.

All 435 students, 60 faculty and staff members, and several parent volunteers quickly formed the piece during a break in between rain, which was photographed from above by Paul Charbonnet, co-owner of Atmosphere Aerial Photography.

Organizers with BRCVPA says they would like to recognize the generous donations of landscaping materials by Louisiana Nursery and Clegg's Nursery.

The Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts features a strong academic program enriched by an integrated arts curriculum. Students engage in participatory learning, motivating them to achieve at the highest level.


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