No surprises expected with Louisiana's electoral votes

BATON ROUGE, LA (AP) - Louisiana electoral voters say they've been inundated with emails and letters trying to persuade them to change their minds about casting ballots for Donald Trump.

That doesn't mean any of the state's eight electoral voters is expected to make a switch.

State officials expect a quick, straightforward set of votes Monday for Trump in Louisiana, where the Republican president-elect got 58 percent support in the November election.

The state's electors were chosen by the Republican Party from each of its six congressional districts and for two at-large positions.

Louisiana's electors include: Garrett C. Monti, at large; Steven Scott Wilfong, at large; Christopher David Trahan, 1st Congressional District; Lloyd A. Harsch, 2nd Congressional District; Charles L. Buckels, Jr., 3rd Congressional District; Louis R. Avallone, 4th Congressional District; Kay Kellogg Katz, 5th Congressional District; and Lennie H. Rhys, 6th Congressional District. If one of the electors doesn't attend, an alternative elector will take his or her place.

Louisiana's electors will cast their votes in the state Senate chamber, a meeting open to the public that begins at Monday, December 19 at 11:30 a.m. Secretary of State Tom Schedler will administer oaths of office. The electors will take individual verbal votes.

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