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Denham Springs Animal Shelter gets nearly $400,000 in donations

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When Rachel Boutwell heard in August that the animal shelter in Denham Springs was flooding, she hopped on a boat and eventually swam several hundred yards to make sure the animals at the shelter were okay.

Her animals were okay, but the shelter was destroyed.

“Some of the dogs was traumatized from the water,” employee Rebecca Martin said. “I mean, some of them really doesn’t’ like to be around water anymore."

Since the flooding, the shelter has received nearly $400,000 in donations. The shelter received $200,000 from the Petco Foundation, $150,000 from a GoFundMe account, and the rest of the donations were mailed in.

The money will be used to build a larger and more stable building, a new vet center, cat room, and work station for employees. The new vet center is what employees say they are looking forward to the most.

Since the flood, they’ve had to take care of animals at a small work station. They plan on building a separate room with better equipment. The shelter has also had to limit the number of animals they can handle. Currently, they have 56, but the plan is to bring that number back up to over 100.

Designers are still reviewing plans. Once complete they will set a timeline for construction.

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