Crews restock rainbow trout in BREC parks

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's that time of year again when rainbow trout makes its way back into the ponds at local parks.

Crews were up early on the morning of December 15 to stock several BREC parks around Baton Rouge with hundreds of pounds of rainbow trout from Missouri.

"Rainbow trout are really fun fish to catch," says Amanda Takacs, BREC conservation specialist. "They generally fight on the line and we do ask that you stick to four fish per person per day so we don't want people coming out here and netting them or anything like that. But general Louisiana fishing regulations apply. Other than that we just want people to come out and have a really good time."

Crews were able to stock the ponds at Greenwood Community Park, Central Sports Park, Forest Community and Burbank Parks.

Greenwood Community Park in Baker receieved 500 pounds of rainbow trout, while Central Sports and Burbank parks received 300. Forest Community also received 250 pounds.

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