Catholic's Dale Weiner retires after 30 years

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "I just kind of felt like through prayer and seeking God's wisdom...this was it. It was a nice time to do it. It was his timing."

He's been one of the most recognizable faces and certainly one of the most successful head coaches in Louisiana football for decades.

But now, Dale Weiner is ready to move on to the next stage of his life, announcing he's retiring from Catholic High School after 30 years of leading the bears on Friday night.

Most would view Catholic's 2015 state championship triumph over Rummel as the highlight of Weiner's coaching career.

However many others that played for and coached for the man would say that his impact went far beyond wins and losses.

By Catholic's count 140 of Weiner's players played college football and 16 of those guys reached professional football at some level.

"The opportunity to be around such great kids. Year in and year out. I just wouldn't trade our guys for anybody. I think the biggest thrill I've had here was the opportunity to coach my son, Neil. And have him come through the program.," Weiner said. "And just to be able to work alongside unbelievable coaching staffs. From the first group...there were four of us"

Weiner has a 317 career wins against just 109 losses.

He's won 18 district titles, made 15 trips to the state quarterfinals and 8 trips to the state semifinals.

Young offensive coordinator Gabe Fertitta has been promoted to fill those big shoes.

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