Ascension Parish teacher struggles to maintain as FEMA woes continue

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A teacher who works with young children returns home each day to a tough reality. The place she called home for 23 years is gone.

When the August flood reached St. Amant, Candy Guillot says her home took on at least four feet of water. Her house was declared a total loss.

"I know a lot of people say they are just things and they can be replaced but they are my things," Guillot said. "They are 23 years of my things. I made a lot of memories in this home."

The walls were stripped to the studs. Guillot and her five dogs were forced to move.

There's a small bed and kitchen sink in the close living quarters.

"I have to boil water outside because there's no hot water in here," Guillot says.

The camper is so small, Guillot says she splits her time between it and the barn, which she has managed to make an extension  of her temporary home.

Guillot has applied for a FEMA mobile housing unit and has kept a record of all of her paperwork. But she says the only thing she's gotten from them is the run around.

"I've see my neighbors get them and I don't have one and every time I call they say Friday we'll get someone to call you and they are going to come out and survey your land and that was so many Friday ago."

Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa says, unfortunately, Guillot is one on a long list of people who are frustrated with FEMA's distribution of mobile home units.

"Right now we get one and a half a day compared to Livingston by about seven a day. We are about the same size parishes. I know they were devastated a little harder, but that's still not right," Guillot says.

Matassa says even he has had a difficult time communicating with FEMA.

"It's time for a face to face with FEMA and the federal government to redo FEMA where they come to help you not hurt you," Matassa says.

For now he's asking resident's to be patient. But Guillot has all but given up.

"As far as faith in getting the FEMA housing, I don't have very much," she says.

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