Candidates for Clinton mayor face off in rematch of 2012 race

Candidates for Clinton mayor face off in rematch of 2012 race

CLINTON, LA (WAFB) - Clinton is the kind of town where everybody knows everybody and the two candidates for mayor this year know each other all too well.

The race is a rematch from four years ago.

Former Clinton Mayor Don Reason has spent the last four years taking care of farm animals and pursuing other hobbies like hunting and cooking, but now, he wants to get out of the barn and back into the mayor's seat. Reason beat current Mayor Lori Ann Bell in November's primary election by just 27 votes out of more than 600 cast.

However, Saturday is also a rematch from an election four years ago, when Reason lost to Bell.

"People asked me to run so I could get back in and finish some things that we were trying to do," Reason said. "And I said, 'You think you can get me in? I'd be glad to run.'"

Reason wants to focus on helping flood victims, improving the town's sewage system and reduce traffic.

He also said the town needs to do a better job of attracting new businesses.

"The town of Clinton is dead. It has hardly any infrastructure or anything like that. We really don't have the infrastructure for big industry, so we have to work on getting people to help us and everything, try to get something going here," Reason added.

Bell is confident she will retain her seat. She believes her staff did a great job during the flood response and recovery efforts.

"We were able to get people out to safety," Bell explained. "We had no fatalities here in the town of Clinton. It's a lot of hard work, but we've come together as a community to do what we need to do to bring that community back."

Bell also wants to focus on improving Clinton's roads and continue projects she's already started.

"It was 30, 40 plus years that nothing was done besides the patching. Now, we have local monies that's going to be used to do the streets," Bell stated.

She said she will keep her same staff should she win, while Reason said he would bring back most of his old staff, including former Police Chief Eddie Stewart.

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