Her Murder May Not be One of a Kind

With one convicted serial killer sitting on death row, and a second suspected serial killer also locked up, it may appear that our streets are a little safer, but are they really? In the past decade, dozens of murders have gone unsolved, some with striking similarities. That is leading some to wonder, is there another serial killer?

46-year-old Renee Newman was a daughter, a sister and a mother. She is also a murder victim. What you also need to know about her is that she had fallen on some hard times, and was living a high risk lifestyle. Regardless of how that makes you feel, someone took her life, and that someone has never been made to answer for it. That's where your anger should be focused.

It was back on April 11th, 2002 that a passerby discovered her body near the old Maison Blanche store on Laurel Street. According to Detective Christopher Johnson, "The day before, she left home after receiving a phone call, up on North Street. She walked up 21st and that's the last time someone saw her alive.

Police found Renee's body in a BREC park on North Street. Regardless of lifestyle, no one deserves to have happen to them, what happened to Renee, and certainly no one deserves to get away with it. The police are obviously very interested in finding her killer, but one officer in particular desperately wants to know what happened. Her brother Kevin is a cop with BRPD, and is hoping the community can help out.

"In order for us to solve our cases, it takes community involvement," says officer Kevin Newman, her brother. "Crime prevention starts with the community and ends with us."

Kevin worries that his sister's murder is not a one time thing for the killer. "No, I don't think she was the only victim," he says.

The fact that she was a black woman, was in her 30's or 40's, lived that high risk lifestyle, was strangled to death, and found near a general area of interest, makes her death look similar to others.

Detective Johnson says, "The death of Renee has some similarities to some of the others in the city. Scientifically, the deaths haven't been linked together, so we can't say it's part of a serial killer investigation, or that the same person is responsible for her death as the other women."

Is there someone else out there responsible for Renee's death and others? If so, all it could take to get them off the street is a simple phone call. Make that call to Crime Stoppers, at 344-STOP.

Reporter: Matt Williams