Launch Louisiana participants in 'Cajun Santa Christmas' to assist in flood relief

Launch Louisiana participants in 'Cajun Santa Christmas' to assist in flood relief

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Louisiana based nonprofit will participant in a campaign to provide a "one stop shop" for people who want to assist Louisiana families recovering from the August 2016 flood.

Launch Louisiana will participant in the "Cajun Santa Christmas Campaign," a collaborative effort by the state's most credible nonprofits to provide humanitarians from across the world an opportunity to assist recovering Louisiana families by playing the song "Cajun Santa" choosing to donate cash, resources, or to holiday shop for a cause.

The Louisiana nonprofit also announced a major art donation initiative with international artist Jennifer Awad of Kardia Gallery.

Awad is a Toronto based artist, presently living in Washington D.C., who has offered to donate one-third of the proceeds from the sale of her piece, entitled "New Day" to assist with flood relief efforts.

New Day, a framed acrylic on canvas painting from the One Million Voices series was inspired by a photograph of a real sunburst through tress as Awad was processing through intense cases of human rights violations. The piece carries the tagline of "No matter how bleak the situation is, hope is as certain as the breaking of a new day." The piece is priced at $5,000.

For more information about the Cajun Santa Christmas Campaign or to inquire about the painting, visit the Launch Louisiana site.

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