7 sue Honeywell for fear, inconvenience due to leak

7 sue Honeywell for fear, inconvenience due to leak

GEISMAR, LA (WAFB) - Seven residents are suing Honeywell, saying they suffered "fear, fright, and inconvenience" due to a leak at the company's plant in Geismar in August.

The people filing suit are all Iberville Parish residents and include Ozell Scott, Savetria Martin, Josh Hall, Trent Tate, Ida Hall, Michelle Colar, and Megan Fobbs, according to the lawsuit.

The sulfuric acid leak at the plant happened around 5:30 p.m. on August 13, 2016. For about six hours that followed, residents in the area were ordered to stay indoors, keep their windows closed, and turn off their air conditioners until the leak was stopped.

The class action lawsuit, filed in September, does not mention any physical injuries to the seven plaintiffs. The lawsuit alleges that Honeywell was responsible for the leak and that multiple factors contributed to it, including "failing to properly handle and contain the hazardous and harmful substance," as well as allegedly "employing untrained or poorly trained employees."

The plaintiffs are represented by Gonzales attorneys Kenneth Dupaty and Jeffrey Michael Heggelund.

WAFB-TV received a subpoena Thursday, December 1 from attorneys representing the plaintiffs, requesting copies of our news reports of the incident.

Honeywell issued the following statement to WAFB-TV late Thursday in which it says it will fight the lawsuit.

Honeywell's emergency response team at Geismar worked to immediately mitigate and stop this leak, and instructed employees of the site and two neighboring sites to shelter in place as a precaution. The area is mainly on property owned by Honeywell and is uninhabited. We do not believe the leak posed a threat to people or the environment, and we are working to defend the lawsuit.

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