Man accused of dismembering parents appears in court

Joel Guy Jr. (Source: Knox County Sheriff's Office)
Joel Guy Jr. (Source: Knox County Sheriff's Office)
Guy's Baton Rouge apartment (Source: WAFB)
Guy's Baton Rouge apartment (Source: WAFB)

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A Baton Rouge man accused of murdering and dismembering his parents during his Thanksgiving visit was in court Thursday morning.

Joel Michael Guy Jr., 28, appeared for an extradition hearing in a Baton Rouge courtroom. The judge extended the deadline until Tuesday, allowing Guy more time to decide whether or not he will fight being transported back to Tennessee.

Because the crime happened in Knoxsville, Guy will have to be prosecuted there, which is why the extradition is necessary.

If Guy refused extradition, the Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam would have to execute a warrant to have him returned.

Once transported, the case against Guy will have to be presented to a grand jury before he can formally be charged for the crimes.

Guy Jr. was arrested Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of his apartment complex on Nicholson Drive in Baton Rouge. He is accused of killing his parents, Joel Guy Sr. and Lisa Guy, at their home in Knoxville. Detectives believe the murders happened sometime between Friday and Saturday.

Officials with the Knox County Sheriff's Office held a news conference Wednesday to announce the grisly details of the murder investigation. They said Guy is accused of murdering his parents, dismembering their bodies and then dissolving them in an acidic chemical.

"Both (victims) suffered multiple, vicious stab wounds as well as dismemberment," said Major Michael MacLean of the Knoxville County Sheriff's Office.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office reported Guy is not employed. KCSO added Guy had attended LSU, but reportedly withdrew last year.

Investigators said they believe Guy's parents were going to cut him off financially and that may have led to the killings. Authorities also said they are checking to see if the couple had a life insurance policy, but it is not believed there is one, WBIR-TV reported.

"It would be described as horrific - a very gruesome crime scene. There's a motivation behind it, but in this case, we don't know what it is," MacLean explained.

According to the initial incident report, deputies were called to the Knoxville home for a welfare check after the suspect's mother did not show up for work. It added they went inside the home and that's when they found human remains.

Authorities believe Guy might have stayed in the house for a while after the deaths, the station reported. The victims have twin daughters, who were given details of their parents death by deputies earlier Wednesday, Knoxville television station WBIR-TV reported. MacLean said remains were found throughout the house, WBIR-TV reported.

The FBI said the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office assisted in the arrest.

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