Fans react to Coach O landing promotion, lay out expectations

LSU fans react to Orgeron hiring

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's a new era, a new face taking the reins of the LSU Tigers and many fans could not be happier with Ed Orgeron.

"I love the hire, great guy," said Clark Gauthreaux. "He speaks for Louisiana because he's one of us."

"We're excited for him," Tony Centanni added. "I think it's the right decision and we can't wait to see what the future holds for Coach O."

For the Louisiana native, that future begins now and already fans have a pretty tall order for Coach O to fill. Fans said they want an improved offense, an LSU victory over Alabama and a national championship sometime in the near future.

"We're due next year," Tony Rodriguez said. "Yeah, I think so. We're about due and we can't wait a long time."

"It's going to be a transition," said Verdell Banner. "It's not going to be anything overnight, but like you said, he's starting today and he's very excited."

Fans said one of the biggest selling points for Coach O is the energy he brings each game and his love for LSU football. It is something they said has already transformed the team and led to some progress on the gridiron.

"He already had experience with the team and I think he's somebody that a lot of people identify with and you know he's like one of us," Centanni explained.

"We saw a new life. We saw some excitement on the field. We saw lots of different things and we saw some great performances," Banner added.

While the new coach has his work cut out for him, fans are already hopeful for this next phase of LSU football.

"I'm just glad for him that he got the job and I hope that he works out and stays with us for a long time," Rodriguez added.


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