BRFD offers Thanksgiving safety tips

BRFD offers Thanksgiving safety tips

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the Baton Rouge Fire Department wants to ensure everyone has a wonderful, safe holiday.

BRFD has the following tips for Thanksgiving Day to make sure it's a successful holiday:

  • Stay in the kitchen while cooking to keep an eye on food; do not leave food unattended
  • Stay home while cooking your turkey and check on it often
  • Keep children away from the hot stove/oven
  • Make sure children stay away from hot food and liquids, which could cause serious burns
  • Keep the floor clear to avoid tripping hazards
  • Make sure appliance cords are not hanging off the counter within the reach of children
  • Keep knives out of the reach of children
  • Make sure children cannot get a hold of matches or lighters
  • Never leave children alone with a lit candle in the room
  • Make sure your smoke alarms are functioning

BRFD wants to remind residents that Thanksgiving is the leading day of the year for home fires involving cooking equipment. They also suggest providing activities for children to keep them out of the kitchen.

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