LSU fans react to Florida loss, weigh in on Coach Orgeron

Fans react to LSU loss to Florida
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Source: WAFB
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Many fans chose to celebrate well into the night despite the LSU Tigers coming up just short of a victory Saturday night. People say win or lose, they are Tiger fans plain and simple.

There were plenty of sad faces as fans poured out of Tiger Stadium. Many of them were disappointed as the Florida Gators walked away with a win. "There were just a lot of mistakes, look like to me were made and a lot of plays that shouldn't have been called in my book," Cory Dobson said.

The game was a close one, coming down to literally the last three nail-biting seconds. As the Tigers made a last dive toward to end zone, there was a slight celebration as fans thought the Tigers had done it, but then heartbreak as the reality of the devastating loss sunk in.

"I think Florida came here prepared to beat us and was ready for us and apparently we weren't ready for them," Dobson said.

Even though the final home game of the season did not turn out quite how they hoped, fans say they are standing by the Purple and Gold. "It's the last game of the year, but I'm not too mad you know," Wayne Smith said. "It's a long season and a lot of things happened, so I'm looking forward to the future."

Now that there is only one game left this season, it is almost decision time on whether or not Ed Orgeron will land the big job. "I like Coach O. I like the fact that he's from here and I like the energy he brings and he could probably hire a bunch of people around him, but I just don't know about the powers that be, especially after today. I don't know if they're going to," Smith said. "I don't know, this might have hurt."

"I think he's doing a good job and I think he brought some change and some energy to the team," Dobson added.

Fans say they see potential under Coach O's leadership, but will support the team no matter who is eventually tasked with leading the Tigers. "Whether it's him or somebody else, I think we still need to work on our offense," Dobson said.

"I'd like to see him get the job. I'd support him," Smith added.

While it is still too early to tell what the future of LSU football will look like, fans say one thing is certain and that is they will be outside Death Valley every Saturday night in the fall come rain or shine.

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