Changes announced to Livingston Parish schools' spring schedule

Changes announced to Livingston Parish schools' spring schedule

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Students in Livingston Parish Public Schools will see longer school days and a few extra days of class in the spring.

In the aftermath of August's historic floods, students in Livingston missed 20 days of class. The district already added a few instructional days in the fall.

The parish's school board voted without objection to add one day to the beginning and another day to the end of the spring semester.

Students will now start back to school on January 5 and the semester will end on May 24.

"The teachers were already going to be there anyway, we added the students to also be there on those days," said Superintendent Mark Wentzel.

In addition, February 16 and March 16 will now be full instructional days. Students originally only had half-days.

The days will also be extended throughout the spring for 21 minutes with 10 minutes in the morning and 11 minutes in the afternoon.

"That's not a significant change. That's a small blip, but it's enough that we're going to be able to satisfy what we need for our children," Wentzel said.

As for students currently displaced because their schools flooded, Wentzel said he is hopeful that they will have them back at their own school sites as early as January.

"I'm so proud of our teachers, I'm so proud of everybody that's involved in this parish. I always keep saying #LPProud," Wentzel said.

Wentzel said parents should expect to get specific information about the spring schedule changes from their child's school in coming days, including any modifications to bus schedules.

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