Cardiovascular Risk Factor Analysis

1. Age
age 56 or over 1 pt.
Age 55 or under 0 pts.
2. Sex
Male 1 pt.
Female 0 pts
3. Family History (if you have...)
Blood relatives who have had a history
of heart attack, stroke, or heart disease before age 60
12 pts.

Blood relatives who have had a history of heart attack,
stroke or heart disease after age 60

6 pts.
No blood relatives who have had a heart attack or stroke 0 pts.
4. Personal History
If you have had a heart attack, stroke, heart or
blood vessel surgery at age 50 or less
20 pts.
Any of the above after the age of 50 10 pts.
None of the above 0 pts.
5. Diabetes

Diabetes before age 40 and now on Insulin

10 pts.
Diabetes at or after age 40 and now on Insulin or pills. 5 pts.
Diabetes controlled by diet, or diabetes after age 55 3 pts.
No diabetes

0 pts.

6. Smoking
Two packs per day 10 pts.
Between 1 and 2 packs a day or quit less than a year ago 6 pts.
Less than 1 pack a day or quit over a year ago 3 pts.
Never smoked 0 pts.
7. Cholesterol (if cholesterol count is unknown, skip to #8)
Cholesterol level=276 or above 10 pts.
Cholesterol level between 200 and 275 5 pts.
Cholesterol level=200 or below 0 pts.
8. Diet (if question #7 was answered, do not answer #8)
Does your normal eating pattern include:
One serving of red meat daily, more than 7 eggs a week, and
daily consumption of butter, whole milk and some cheese
8 pts.
Red meat 4-6 times a week, 4-7 eggs a week, margarine,
low fat dairy products and some cheese
4 pts.
Poultry, fish, little or no red meat, three or less eggs a week,
some margarine, skim milk products
0 pts.
9. High Blood Pressure (if either number is...)
160 over 100 or higher 10 pts.
Greater than 140 over 90 but less than 160 over 100 5 pts.
Both numbers are less than 140 over 90 0 pts.

Weight-Are you?
(Women=100 lbs. + 5 lbs. for each inch over 5 ft. height.)

25 pounds overweight or more 4 pts.
10 to 24 pounds overweight 2 pts.
Less than 10 pounds overweight 0 pts.
11. Exercise (Do you do any of the following for 15 minutes:
brisk walk, jogging, bicycling, racquetball, swimming)
Less than once a week 4 pts.
1 to 2 times a week 2 pts.
3 or more times a week 0 pts.
12. Stress (Are you?)
Frustrated when waiting in line, often in a hurry to complete
work or keep appointments, easily angered, irritable
4 pts.
Impatient when waiting, occasionally moody 2 pts.
Comfortable when waiting, seldom rushed and easygoing 0 pts.

Scoring Results:
A high score does not mean you will develop heart disease, however you should see your doctor for a complete physical evaluation.
Low Risk: < 25
Medium Risk: 26-35
Moderate Risk: 36-45
High Risk: > 45