New cadets start training at LSP academy

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Colonel Mike Edmonson says day one of the 22-week Louisiana State Trooper academy is all about getting the attention of the recruits. On Sunday, November 6, 65 men and women vying to join the force started out with a day of tough physical training.

"That first day, I had no idea what was getting ready to happen," Edmonson said. "My dad d ropped me off, and he actually took off before I could tell him goodbye before I could get back in the car. And when that sergeant came out that door, I didn't know whether to run, sit still, or anything."

This year's trainees are coming in after a tumultuous summer in Baton Rouge, with events including the Alton Sterling shooting, protests, six law enforcement officers being shot, and then historic flooding in August. Edmonson says LSP is taking into account all of these factors as they update training for the recruits.

"We certainly pay attention to what's taking place around the world, around this country, and right here in our own state," said Edmonson. "It's a work in progress our training. Even at the end of 22 weeks, our training doesn't end there. We take situations that happen around the country, around the state, and we say, ok, what if it would be us?"

If they can complete the academy, Edmonson says around 20 to 25 percent d rop out every year. They will start a 10 to 14 week field training program before starting their careers as troopers.

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