Couple divided ahead of LSU vs. Alabama match-up

Couple divided ahead of LSU vs. Alabama match-up

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Usually when you think of marriage, you think of unity, that is until college football gets in the way.

One Denham Springs couple is living in a house divided ahead of Saturday night's big game. The team spirit is on display before you even pull into their driveway.

Jennifer Bateman and her husband, Jeffery, are already set for the match-up between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers. They are ready to go for the game, but they cannot agree on which team to pull for to win.

Jennifer is Rolling with the Tide while her husband is all about the Tigers.

The couple met four years ago, and before they knew it, they fell in love, but the one day a year when they aren't on the same page is when Bama and LSU face off. Both are die-hard fans and neither thought to ask the one burning question that makes or breaks a relationship in the South.

When asked why he didn't ask that question before they got together, Jeffery said "because she was from Louisiana so why would she be an Alabama fan."

Despite this bump in the road the two still got married and even their wedding cake was split down the middle. The two say that is just how it is in their home but especially the one day each year when the Crimson Tide and the Bayou Bengals face each other on the gridiron.

Both are die-hard fans, and neither is willing to end the long-standing feud without a fight.

"Alabama's gonna come in and shut them down like they did last year, and I don't think Leonard Fournette is going to even get the 31 he got last year,” Jennifer said.

"She can just talk all she wants to because Coach O's gonna have them ready and Leonard Fournette, they held him last year. This is his last year at LSU and he's gonna do it," Jeffery added.

The house, most of their pictures inside, and even the couple themselves are decked out in crimson and white or purple and gold. There have been talks over the years of converting each other, but neither is willing to back down.

"It ain't happen yet, and there's no way she is converting me because I'm true LSU all the way," Jeffery said.

Jennifer still believes she has a chance to convince her husband to join her team. She said it will only take a few more wins to get him on board.

"He'll come over to our side eventually," she said. "Once LSU gets beat by Alabama again, he'll come over."

The family feud is so strong even their pets must choose a side as well.

"This is our newest addition to the Bateman family, and his name is Saban of course because he's a winner," Jennifer said.

Jeffery also has someone in his corner though named Trixie, who he has trained to howl along at just the right moment when anyone chants "L-S-U."

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