East Baton Rouge voters redirected to temporary polling places

EBR voters redirected to temporary polling places

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The historic flooding event has resulted in changes for many voters across the state. Many of them will be casting their ballots at temporary locations on November 8. Elections officials are encouraging everyone to double check before heading to the polls.

The early voting machines have been powered down and are waiting to be stored. East Baton Rouge Registrar of Voters Steve Raborn said on the first day of early voting, the parish broke a record for the most ballots cast in a single day. He said it has been an unusual election cycle with the flood presenting new challenges.

"It's been the highest number of polling places we've had to change in a single year," Raborn said.

According to EBR Registrar records, 19 polling places have changed affecting 38 precincts and roughly 32,000 voters.

Raborn said when choosing alternate voting locations, his office must consider the size of the place, parking, and access to major highways. However, since the flooding was so widespread, he said, space was limited.

"This time around we had to find in some cases the nearest places we could find to the old location or just whatever could accommodate us," Raborn said.

The Registrar's Office mailed postcards to voters impacted by the changes. They are also posted online at www.geauxvote.com. Raborn said there will be people waiting at the closed precincts to help redirect voters to their new temporary locations, but just as with the items on the ballot, Raborn is encouraging everyone to know before you go.

The same temporary voting locations will be used for the run-off election in December. Voters will return to their regular precincts after the first of the year.


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