EBR School System makes administration changes at Belaire High following alleged violations

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The East Baton Rouge Parish School System announced that changes in the administration at Belaire High School after an investigation into the school's football program.

Four Belaire employees were put on paid administrative leave in the middle of October as both the school system and the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) conducted their investigations.

School system officials said Roy Walker would be transferred to Principal on Assignment effective November 3. The school's assistant principal, Angela Jones, will instead serve as acting principal, and Jamaica Payne could potentially be assigned to help at the school if an additional staff member is needed.

According to officials, Walker will remain an administrator as "principal on assignment," but he would not be specifically assigned to Belaire. Officials explained that the position essentially works as an "at-large" administrator filling in different ways as needed, and for now, Walker will handle the school system's elementary expulsion and disciplinary centers.

Officials added that Chauncey Moore will remain Belaire's dean of students but would be stripped of his athletic director and coaching duties, and Belaire football coach Claude Coleman still remains on administrative leave.

There was no mention of guidance counselor Linda White who was also placed on administrative leave in October.

Officials said the investigation was originally based on issues that the LHSAA already ruled on, but it then expanded to include other information the district received.

LHSAA officials said Belaire High was found in violation of bylaws related to scholastic requirements, faculty coaches, and registration and submission of students.

The LHSAA issued a ruling on Monday, Oct. 17 based on an investigation into allegations of illegal grade changes for more than a dozen football players. Belaire was accused of using ineligible players and using other members of the team in games when they were not registered with the LHSAA.

LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine said their investigation turned up eligibility issues in several areas from residency to age limits to academics. He added that Belaire was also missing medical forms and proper registration for athletes who played in the games.

According to sources, there are also allegations of misappropriation of funds and fraudulent claims involving the school's finances.

Belaire High had to forfeit all five of its wins this season for the multiple rules violations after the LHSAA's ruling.

Also as a result of the ruling, Bengals head football coach Claude Coleman and Chauncey Moore, who is also the head basketball coach, are suspended from coaching in the LHSAA for a year. Officials said the football program will be on probation for a year and the school faces a total of $2,000 in fines.


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