Walker store owner rebounds from tragedy

Source: Stacy Knapp
Source: Stacy Knapp
Source: Stacy Knapp
Source: Stacy Knapp
Source: Stacy Knapp
Source: Stacy Knapp

WALKER, LA (WAFB) - A small business owner in the Town of Walker opened her doors on Tuesday for the second time this year.

Her store flooded in August, just months after her son was killed. The needles are threaded and the materials are ready. A small sewing machine is a big deal for Stacy Knapp, the owner of Magnificent Monograms.

"I actually started out with $100 and a sewing machine 17 years ago," Knapp said.

Knapp said, in April, she realized her hobby had really taken off.

"Business was going great. I had just moved to a bigger location, 3,500 square feet. It was gorgeous," Knapp said.

She said her son Clifton, 26, was her right-hand man.

"He used to call himself my quality control guy. He had to examine every piece of my work, but he was just a very outgoing kid and loved motorcycles," Knapp said.

Knapp said Clifton never got to see her dream come true. He died in a motorcycle crash the Sunday before she opened the store.

"I didn't want to reopen. I didn't have it in me, but something kept telling me, mom, you've got to," Knapp said.

Four months later, it was ruined by the historic flood. Four feet of water destroyed everything she had worked to build. Just when she was about to give up, she said, a friend offered her a small space to start over again.

A group of bikers were her first customers. Knapp also stitches patches, saddle bags, and sells riding gear. Her love of sewing and motorcycles have really come together. She now runs a biker boutique of sorts with Clifton still at the wheel.

"Every day when I get out of bed he tells me, 'Momma you can do this, you've got this. I'm watching down. It's going to be okay,'" Knapp said.

Magnificent Monograms is located at 9788 Florida Boulevard in Walker, La.

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