Bicycle bandit caught on camera stealing from flooded home

Bicycle bandit caught on camera stealing from flooded home
Source: Lesle Hollier
Source: Lesle Hollier
Source: Lesle Hollier
Source: Lesle Hollier

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A flooded family became victims again when a burglar struck their home on Sunday and the whole thing was caught on camera. The video is downright disgusting.

"It was like he knew we weren't here," Lesle Hollier said.

While Hollier and her husband were at church last Sunday morning, a man she has never seen before pulled into the driveway of her Park Forest home and slipped into the backyard. Once there, it appears he was not in a hurry as he searched the space for whatever he could take. Hollier is still in recovery from the August flooding, which is why she said a lot of her belongings are still in the backyard.

"People have lost so much and all they have is what they've scrapped together under their car port, which is the way a lot of people are living right now," Hollier said. "It really makes you angry and upset that someone would come and take something."

About two minutes into the video, the first things the man appears to take are two gas cans. The video shows him fishing one of them out from under a grill. After a quick sniff, he seemed satisfied with the choice and loaded them into his truck.

"He's not in a hurry. He looks around, I think he's going to kind of see if there anybody else coming," Hollier added.

The man soon discovers two bikes. The video shows him hesitate with the first one and it appears that he may change his mind about the theft.

"I think right here he sees that the tire is busted and he thinks about it," Hollier said. "He'll go backwards and my husband thinks maybe he's seeing if he has room for it."

The video shows the man take the bike and not long after, he is shown back at the truck with the second bike. The alleged thief had already stolen both of the bikes and was possibly on his way back for more when the video shows him stop suddenly. It is the moment Hollier believes he finally realizes the robbery is being recorded. It is also the only reason she thinks he stopped before cleaning out her backyard.

"That's exactly what stopped him," she added. The video shows the man make a quick exit, but not before trying to get rid of the evidence.

"He walks around to the back side of it and that's when he pulls the plug and the camera goes black," Hollier said.While he only made off with two bicycles and a few gas cans, Hollier said the ordeal is a harsh reminder for her and her neighbors to be on the lookout.

"These things are happening even when you think that nobody would take from you after you've lost almost everything," she said. "They are happening and people should be on the lookout and invest in a security system. It's not that much."

Hollier has turned the video over to the Baton Rouge Police Department and said detectives are investigating.

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