Linkedin announces ‘LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day’

Linkedin announces ‘LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day’

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LinkedIn announces the return of LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day, a worldwide event taking place on Friday, November 4.

The business and employment-oriented social networking service says this worldwide initiative encourages businesses and professionals around the world to open their doors, host their employees' parents, and give them an inside view of the 9-to-5 of their child.

LinkedIn says the reason they initialed the special work day is because of statistics showing the disconnect and misconceptions between parents and children when it comes to the work place. According to the company, 1 in 3 parents do not know what their child does for a living, as well as, more than 65% of American workers believe their parents have unshared knowledge or advice that could help their career.

They go on to say 1 in 5 parents think they would have a hard time if they had to do their kid's job. One of the biggest misconceptions is more than 1/3 of American parents feel their child is on track to be much more successful than they are professionally.

Among the site's Top 10 Misunderstood Jobs by Parents are user interface designer, social media manager, and investment banker.

For more information on Bring In Your Parents Day, visit their website.

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