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Hand It On: Miss Edna Berdon's Prayer Station

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It’s easy being in the news media to get caught up in all the negative stories. Stories of robberies, shootings, mugging, nasty political tactics and the like.

We in the media often get criticized for only reporting the "bad stuff." Well, the "bad stuff" jumps up and hits us in the face. One does not have to dig to find it, and unfortunately, the "bad stuff" is what generates ratings. The "bad stuff" is what makes money. Sidebar – what does that say about our society? 

The "good stuff" is there but often has to be searched out and found. Often the "good stuff" is nestled in so deep it appears to be hidden. The "good stuff" often has to be pointed out to us, unlike the "bad stuff" which jumps up and smacks us square in the face. 

That’s one of the many reasons WAFB’s Hand It on is segment is so very valuable. It allows you and me, the average man and woman, to expose the good we see going on in our community. 

I asked a preacher friend of mine recently if the bad is winning because to me it seems it is. He assured me it is not and that there is more good than bad in the world; we just have to look for it, but it is there. 

Take last week for instance. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve driven down River Road in front of the River Center on Thursday evenings and not once saw the "Church on the Levee" celebration Pastor Keith Richard conducts every Thursday at 5 p.m. He’s only missed two in eight years. Eight years! How could I have possibly driven by there week after week and not have noticed this incredible ministry at least one time? In EIGHT YEARS? 

Like my pastor friend told me, the good is there – you just have to look for it. It took being nominated for Hand It On to bring this ministry to my attention. 

This week’s Hand It On is no different. 

For eight years, there’s been another outreach ministry going on right before my eyes and I’ve never ever noticed it either. In fact, the person conducting this ministry has only missed one week in eight years and that was only because she was hospitalized for an illness.

Kimberly Sanders, a registered nurse and the senior medical case coordinator at Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation (LWCC), sent an e-mail to me. After reading the note several times, I called Kimberly and set up a meeting. I had to hear more details about Kimberly’s nomination. 

In her words:

"My daughter and I run a lot of errands on the weekends. For a lot of them, we have to travel Florida Boulevard. We would notice this truck sitting on the corner of Florida and Lobdell with a prayer station set up there. We saw it for years as long as I can remember.

Eventually went to speak with her. And when I spoke with her, I was like literally blown out of the water. I had expected to see maybe a person that’s just there that’s paid to be there; that has to be there. 

She is there on her own accord, EVERY Saturday from 10:30 till well past 3 o’clock. She just sits and waits for people to come up to her, and she offers prayer to them. Her name is Edna Berdon. 

So my question to Miss Edna was how do you do this? Why do you do this? Because I couldn’t do it; I just couldn’t. 

And she said - If it were up to me I would probably be at home in my bed resting because I’m in a lot of pain all the time.  Well, she said,
God told me to come here and I’m here because of Him because if it was me I would not be here. 

I’ve never met anyone like her before. And just from that one meeting I knew she was truly a God-send. And she gave me such a good feeling and genuine feeling and just the dedication. People were stopping. She spends a lot of time with each one. And she’s out there every …. In the rain, the heat. She was there for the hurricane back in 2005. The recent flood. She was there; she was there. 

She says it’s for God; it’s all for God. She says it has nothing to do with her. Nothing at all. 

She sits there. She has a little radio, like a little radio box that sits in the seat next to her, and I could hear the Gospel music when I walked up to her car window. And she had some bottled water there.

And she sits. She just sits for hours waiting for people to come. 

Now one example is my daughter went with me. She’s away at college; she just happened to be home that weekend. So I took her, cause she’d seen her with me. And I promise you, when she walked up to the truck, Miss Edna looked at her and she immediately said let’s pray. And she prayed. And when she finished the prayer, she said are you in pain? She was speaking to my daughter. And my daughter said Yes Ma’am, I woke up with a very, very bad sore throat this morning. And she said I can get that from you. I got that through touching you that you are in a lot of pain. It’s going to be O.K. 

And she also told my daughter a lot of other things that she had gotten from her just by a simple conversation and praying with her.

And, Johnny… it was things that, there is no way that this woman could have known this about my daughter. No way. And the things that Miss Edna shared with her after she prayed, all one hundred percent accurate and true. And that blew me away. 

And every encounter that I’ve had with this woman I walk away in tears, just because I’m just so overwhelmed with how powerful she is.

It’s … I’m telling you I have never met anyone like this woman before. Never. And I encounter in my profession a lot of people. A lot of phony, fake, self-made people.

I believe she’s a vessel for God. That’s what I feel. I feel like she’s a true vessel for God.

It’s not like she’s standing out flagging people down. People are just drawn to her. I do believe that people are put in certain places at certain times for certain reasons. I do believe that God speaks to people and tells them, you know, sends them to certain places at certain times to meet certain people. And I believe me going over there on that day was truly a God-send cause she truly blessed me, and then she blessed my daughter shortly, a couple weeks after that." 

Wow. Now I couldn’t wait to meet this Angel on earth.

So Kimberly and I agreed to meet at the corner of Florida and Lobdell, in front of Chase Bank, one Saturday morning for a special Hand It On presentation. There was Miss Edna’s SUV. We waited until she was alone, then Kimberly approached.

"Miss Edna, I told you I saw you for years coming out here; year after year after year. My daughter and I traveled Florida many Saturdays, and you were right here every single time, and you told me that the only time you missed is when you were in the hospital because you were sick," Kimberly said. "As soon as you got out you were back out here. I think that is just remarkable. I couldn’t do it myself.

"I couldn’t, and I asked you how you did, and you told me it was God. That’s the only way that you could do that. And I appreciate it and I’m sure everybody else that comes to see you appreciate it. And I would just like to bless you with this Hand It On award gift, monetary gift, with $300 to do whatever you choose to do with it. You are truly deserving of this," Kimberly said handing Miss Edna three brand new $100 bills. 

"Thank you so much baby," Miss Edna replied near tears. "Thank you so much baby. It’s a blessing to be a blessing. And I thank you. Praise God. And with this blessing I’m going to bless somebody too. And that’s how you do, you pass it on." 

Another incredible outreach ministry that’s been going on for eight years, every single Saturday morning on Florida at Lobdell, and I’ve not once slowed down enough to notice.


What was it my friend said? You just have to look for the good because it’s out there.

What good will you notice today? What good will you bring to the attention of WAFB’s Hand It On program? Send an e-mail to HandItOn@wafb.com. Make sure to include your contact information, especially your phone number. 

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