Social media on fire with hoax posts about voting issues

Social media on fire with hoax posts about voting issues

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - WARNING…WARNING…WARNING…You have probably just read a hoax post on Facebook.

Reports of issues related to voting are rampant on social media, especially Facebook, and most begin with a "WARNING" or "ALERT". Although hoax posts are common during every election cycle, the number of posts tend to become extreme during a presidential election.

"If you have a problem, you should reach out to your Registrar of Voters to find out why," explains Meg Casper, a spokesperson for the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office. "If they have any trouble, early voting or on election day, they need to notify their commissioner on charge before they hit the cast ballot button."

If you've read on Facebook about a friend who had an issue voting, such as the name skipping and selecting one candidate over another, or a voting location being shut down due to problems, chances are it is a hoax.

"We've had no reports of anything like that going on here," says Casper. "All of our machines are tested and sealed before the elections. They are all working."

They did have one small issue in Jefferson Parish for the first day of early voting, but it wasn't similar to any complaints circulating social media.

"The line was slowed down because of a fiber line issue," Casper noted.

So before you click the "share" button for posts regarding issues with voting, check with the Secretary of State or your local Registrar.

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