OUR TURN: Amendment 2

OUR TURN: Amendment 2

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Only two weeks left until Election Day and early voting is under way now. This election comes with a significant homework assignment. We're voting to replace some key leaders, locally, regionally and nationally, and we have important decisions to make on six amendments to the Louisiana Constitution.

In some jurisdictions, people will also be voting on various tax proposals. This is probably too many decisions for voters to be tasked with making in one election, so this is a warning to everyone who plans to vote – please study up before you go to your polling place.

We'll offer our support at this time for Amendment 2, which would move tuition decisions to state management boards for colleges and universities. The current way this is done requires a two-thirds vote of the legislature and that has hurt the ability of our state universities to remain competitive and provide the highest quality education for students.

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