Take Back the Night event celebrates 30th anniversary

Take Back the Night event celebrates 30th anniversary

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Take Back the Night has changed a lot since it was started 30 years ago by the Battered Women's Shelter. The event, which raises awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence, was held in North Baton Rouge and at Baton Rouge High, before finally ending up on the LSU campus in front of the Memorial Tower.

"And we've been here ever since. Trying to get more students and young people involved," said Kathy Saichuk, assistant director of the LSU Wellness and Health Promotion.

Organizers say the event has grown over the years, especially among students. Endya Hash is a law student that volunteers for the event. She wants to take on domestic cases once her career gets started.

"Reproductive injustice is just so prevalent that you're gonna' encounter it pretty much in any field of law that you do practice in, so I think it's something that sort of makes you a more well-rounded lawyer," Hash said.

"You want to leave a place better than you found it. That's kind of the mindset I had coming into this. I'm only gonna be at this campus for four years, but I wanna look back and see that one in four statistic not be a statistic that anyone talks about anymore," says Camille Faircloth, a junior at LSU.

Organizers also say they want to address these topics more often. They believe more discussion will reduce the number of offenses.

"We want to de-stigmatize these things. We want these to be things that we talk about within our individual relationships and as a community," says Summer Steiv, director of the LSU Women's Center.

For more information about resources for domestic violence victims, visit the Iris Domestic Violence Center's website at www.stopdv.org. The Iris Center also has a 24/7 domestic violence hotline. Call 225-389-3001 locally or 1-800-541-9706 statewide.

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