Mayoral candidates address issues facing north Baton Rouge

Mayoral candidates address issues facing north Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some of the candidates for Baton Rouge mayor-president faced off in a fiery debate Thursday night focused on the future of north Baton Rouge.

Only five out of the 12 mayoral candidates attended the debate, but there was plenty to talk about as the debate was dedicated to north Baton Rouge and how each person would fit that part of town into their plans for mayor.

A lot of the usual items were brought up, including traffic, education and healthcare, but most of the night was spent on possibly the biggest issue for the area's voters - community policing.

Each candidate weighed in on how they plan to better relations between police and community members.

"It's about sitting down and having those discussions with the faith based community, with African American leaders in our community here and with the white community too," said John Delgado.

"What I would like to do as mayor is deal with the black on black crime. We have to stop the black on black crime. Some people will moan on it but we have to take care of our community first," said Greg LaFleur.

"We're going to create a top down bottom up approach so that we can actually by the time we meet in the middle we can squeeze out the bad apples, as many bad apples as possible out of the police force," Braylin Hyde said.

"When I get in office in the first 90 days I'm going to have a Mayor's round table discussion surrounding the issues of this past summer and surrounding law enforcement in our community," said Sharon Weston Broome.

"Community policing, it's not just a buzz word. It's a whole new system of policing. It's going to cost money to implement. It's going to take extra law enforcement officers and lots of extra training," said Darryl Gissel.

Some answers were received better than others, but it is not clear if those who attended the debate were swayed to one candidate over the other.

Voters will head to the polls in just over two weeks on November 8. There is also a possibly run-off election on December 10.

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