Sportsline Player of the Week: Southern Lab's Quincy Filmore (Week 7)

Quincy Filmore - Southern Lab: Sportsline Player of the Week

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Sportsline Player of the Week for the eighth week of high school football said he needs to improve his footwork, but he looked pretty good Friday night tucking it and running against White Castle.

Southern Lab's junior quarterback Quincy Filmore picked up 88 yards rushing on just four tries and a touchdown.

However, Filmore was really talking about his adjustment to the position because he's spent most of his career as a runner and receiver, yet in the Week 8 game he added 284 yards passing and four more touchdowns, totaling 372 yards of total offense and five scores.

His head coach Marcus Randall, a former LSU quarterback, said Filmore is advanced just eight games into his career as a signal caller.

"I think he got off to a great start. I think that had a lot to do with his momentum moving forward throughout the game. I think he was seeing it," Randall said. "He did a great job all week of preparing for White Castle's defense. So he knew some of the things coming in, what to look for. I think he took those pre-snap reads."

"When I go in the film room we sit down and watch it. He tells me what coverages they're playing. I pick up on it fast, because of what he has taught me of how to read defenses," Filmore said. "Really all my life I've played receiver, running back and other sports. This is really like my ninth grade year I played quarterback. I started one game and we won. My tenth-grade year I played one game, but other than that, I played receiver."

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