Dad tracks down 'hero' officer who rushed Deputy Tullier to the hospital

Dad tracks down 'hero' officer who rushed Deputy Tullier to the hospital
Deputy Nick Tullier (Source: EBR Sheriff's Office)
Deputy Nick Tullier (Source: EBR Sheriff's Office)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - East Baton Rouge Sheriff's deputy Nick Tullier's father James Tullier said there were numerous heroes who emerged on July 17, 2016. One of them, though, he wanted to meet and personally thank, but did not know how to track him down.

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Mr. Tullier said his son may not be alive today had it not been for the officer who jumped into the EMS unit and rushed to the hospital.

"When the officer and the two EMS people are trying to strap Nick down in the back of the EMS unit, the EMS unit starts leaving. Well the driver is in the back of the EMS unit, but understand, it's rolling so another police officer saw the situation, saw the critical situation Nick was in and he jumps in behind the wheel and he goes to the, takes off," said Mr. Tullier.

Six officers were ambushed on Airline Hwy. EBRSO's Deputy Brad Garafola and Baton Rouge Police officers Matthew Gerald & Montrell Jackson were killed in the line of duty.

Tullier, Sgt. Bruce Simmons and another Baton Rouge Police Department officer who did not want his name out were also shot. Tullier remains in the hospital fighting for his life.

Mr. Tullier said he did not know how to find that officer, that is until an EMS paramedic went by the hospital to visit Nick. Mr. Tullier then asked how he could get in touch with whoever drove his son to the hospital.

He soon found out that officer was BRPD's Officer Jarlath Rowe.

"I saw Nick when he was driven up and I saw the severity of the situation. My thought was when they needed a driver to get him to the hospital as quick and safe as possible," said Officer Rowe. "It wasn't a matter of, well let me just get in the ambulance to drive it. They needed it and I was the first there to help. There was no second guessing. I knew the severity of the situation. They wouldn't ask for a driver if they didn't need it."

Officer Rowe has been with BRPD for the past two years. Mr. Tullier credits Officer Rowe with getting his son to the hospital as quickly and safely as he did saying a few seconds or minutes could have made the difference. It's why he calls him a hero.

"I don't really remember driving that fast. I knew I had to get there quick," said Officer Rowe. "I'm not a hero. I'm far from a hero. I just stepped in and did what anyone else would have done. In my eyes, the heroes are the EMS workers who worked on Nick while I was driving."

Nick remains in the hospital continuing the fight for his life with Mr. Tullier saying prayers are what are keeping his son alive against all odds.

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