Baton Rouge elementary students enjoy 1,000 new donated books

Baton Rouge elementary students enjoy 1,000 new donated books

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Students at one Baton Rouge school celebrated moving back into their flood-damaged classrooms with a book party.

Conn's Homeplus hosted the book reading party for kindergarteners and first graders at Twin Oaks Elementary School, which suffered extensive damage from the August flooding.

"Obviously Twin Oaks was hit hard by the flooding that happened in Baton Rouge and Conn's wanted to give back to the community," said Ellen Thomson, a First Book employee. "These kids are all getting a book to take home with them today. It's a wonderful way for Conn's to give back to the community, and give the kids a little bit of hope, and a comfortable place to read."

The retailer donated a thousand books for students to take home as well as some furniture to serve as a book reading nook. The party is a part of the Conn's Cares program, which strives to help communities.

"If we can bring a little happiness to the kids and help the school in the meantime, that's what it's all about, and we're going to donate over a thousand books today," said Dominico Bell with Conn's. "And watching these kids smile and have a good time, read these books, that' why we do it."

They have also partnered with Little Free Library, an organization that distributes small hand-crafted houses for books that circulate through the community.

The kids got to decorate the little library exchange boxes that will go into the local Baton Rouge community.

Conn's employees were also there to read the new books to the children and help create the little libraries.

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