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Homeowners walking away from flooded homes in Livingston Parish

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Source: WAFB Source: WAFB
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It is a seller's market when it comes to housing in Livingston Parish. Many people who flooded say it is too much for them to start all over. They feel it is better to just put what is left of their homes for sale.

"So this is one of the houses that was flooded and as you can see, the condition the house is in now," said Tommy Veenendaal, a realtor with Keller Williams.

Three Lakes is one of the hardest hit neighborhoods in Livingston Parish. There are three homes in the neighborhood that are on sale "as is."

"You can see [sheetrock is] been removed. The cabinets have been removed behind it to expose anything that could potentially have mold," Veenendaal said.

One specific home took on about three feet of water. It has since been gutted out, but signs of the historic flood are still everywhere.

"A lot of people are selling them as is. There are two reasons. Either they don't have the money to put them back together because they didn't have insurance, or they did have insurance and they're going to use that money to just get out," Veenendaal said.

Veenendaal said that specific home was the 15th flooded home he and his co-workers had put on the market in the past two months. He added it is a major seller's market right now with investors buying out flooded homes and flipping them for a profit.

In some cases, homes are selling quickly. In others, however, the sellers are having to reduce it with homeowners taking a major loss.

"This house was listed at $315,000 before the flood and now after the flood, we've reduced the price to $175,000 being that it's being sold as is," Veenendaal said.

Veenendaal also said many homes that were for sale prior to the flooding were taken off the market because they either flooded or the homeowners could not move to their new homes because they flooded as well. 

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