Lighthouse Louisiana reopens after flood

Lighthouse Louisiana resumes BR operations

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Consider it a bright beacon in Louisiana's flood recovery effort. Lighthouse Louisiana resumed full production Friday at its Baton Rouge manufacturing facility after taking on several feet of water.
The organization provides jobs and free services for people with disabilities, focusing much of its efforts on those who are blind or deaf.
The N. Flannery Rd. plant produces hundreds of thousands of custom paper cups for several big clients, including the federal government. The facility employs 30 people who are either partially or completely blind. Most had been out of work the last two months as repairs were made, and some employees also took on water in their own homes.

"You can feel the excitement, the energy, the atmosphere here," supervisor Keyon Thomas said. "Everybody's laughing, it's joyous. Everybody's genuinely happy to be here and to be working."
An estimated 70% of people with disabilities are unemployed. Lighthouse Louisiana also offers job placement services outside of its own facility, as well as free equipment and hearing aids for the deaf.
Lighthouse Louisiana also operates production facilities in New Orleans and Gulfport. The organization can produce about 43,200 cups in one hour and ships over 6,000 orders per year.
Donations can be made by mail or online at For information on donating, call Juli Pattison at 504-899-4501 x219 or
Questions about product sales can be directed to Stephanie Benedetti at 703-475-9963 or

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